You're Arrested!

Today the younger boys gathered the other younger boys in the neighborhood for a raucous game of cops and bad guys. Dressed in full police guy regalia, they were armed with Nerf guns, tickets, and pepper spray.

While other homes smell of sauteing onions, and freshly baked cookies, mine smells like "pepper spray." The can is marked "AXE" and the flavor is "vice" the bad guys are in jail, and they wreak with manly scents.

My garage smells manly as well. I suppose it could be worse. Normally it smells like cat urine. We do not own any cats. When I walk to the garage to get into my car I am hit with a gust of musky delight. I think my garage served as the jail for all of the bad guys that were stunned with "pepper spray."

The boys have switched careers and are now professional snowboarders. My coffee table is a ramp and the entry way is the starting point.

Tomorrow they will be firefighters and the next day motocross racers. I just wish they were able to collect a paycheck for the myriad of careers they hold. Then they could help with the house payment.


Sarah Markley said…
Totally unrelated, but I want to say that I am seeing Mr. Stamos everywhere...on the Propel commercial, in the newest People magazine. Wow! So funny! Sorry about the "pepper spray" =).