Video Chatting

I don’t see how technology can get any better. My new, fancy, laptop came equipped with a video camera. Within a few minutes, I downloaded Skype and was video chatting with my brother 3000 miles away, crazy, really. He has a MAC and I have a PC, so figuring out a way for the two computers to talk to each other took some time, but we figured it all out.

Phones have cameras, kids can watch television on their iPods, people can video chat thousands of miles away—what can be better? The only bit of new technology I have not adopted is the iPod. I continue to use my circa 1990 foam covered headphones and AM/FM compact radio while I jog. I only listen to the radio on Sundays since our Christian radio station plays worship music, commercial-free, for six hours, otherwise I pray and think for my entire jog. I have no need for an iPod. Call me crazy. Call me old fashioned. Call me retro. Call me old school.

For now, I am glad to be using a computer that I can type on quickly. From what I understand, it can also play music, DVD’s, and a myriad of other things that I am too non-technology savvy to figure out, so, unless I can figure out a way for my computer to make the beds and clean the house, I will stick to checking my email, and typing.


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