Time for Retakes

After taking a good look at my driver's license picture I have decided that I need a re-take. Although very few people actually see my picture or care to take notice, I do.

My photo was taken sometime in the 90's after my first round of highlights. The highlights that weren't so good. I have a pouf on my head as a result of my attempts to add volume to my limp strands of hair. Since I have not had a ticket lately, the DMV just keeps sending me a new license with the same photo attached.

I know a guy who is almost completely bald. The photo on his drivers license was taken when he was 17. I can't imagine that the state of California thinks that having an old picture on your driver's license is acceptable. People change. Highlights get better. Weight comes and goes. Body parts shift.

I'm sure that the vain process of trying to change the photo on my driver's license is not worth the time and energy. I know that when I am 65 I'll appreciate having a circa 1995 picture of myself on my license, that's the good news, oh, and the fact that I am wearing a good coat of mascara.