Thank You Loretta Stamos

"Odd title" I'm sure you are thinking, but it has extreme relevance to what I have to say:

Dear Loretta,
Thanks for finding my blog. Thanks also for forwarding my request to John. Thanks John, for having Marc get in touch with me. Thanks also for the signature and updated head shot. Thanks Marc for making it happen, a great thing to do and definitely a fun story!

Okay, so Loretta Stamos found my blog regarding the photo I found with John Stamos and I in the 80's when he was on General Hospital. I mentioned that I would love to have him sign my photo. John's mom, Loretta, Mrs. Stamos, found my blog and sent the link to John. He forwarded the request to Marc, who is friends with John and also works for St. Amos Productions, and I sent the picture off for an autograph. Whew! Now, that brings us to today. I received the photo via FedEx. As you can see, he has signed it and was gracious enough to send me an updated photo. John wrote on the original picture, "Linda, Long time no see. Peace and Love, John Stamos. He's very clever! (and yummy. Yes, my husband is aware that I just wrote that).


ayates said…
no way!!! That is amazing!
Sarah Markley said…
Absolutely perfect! I so love this. Now you are really famous. =)
SO AMAZING!! THAT'S SO GREAT! Funny today on "flu watch" I watched some E Channel Full House show about where they are today! John Stamos is STILL yummy today, I will tell my husband I wrote that too!
Anonymous said…
I had to check this out, my mom told me all about it. I burst out laughing when I saw her hair style. I cant believe you let her walk around with that hair style! Hope you are doing well! By the way, AOE sister!
Denise said…
I visit from time to time. found you through Sara at best days of my life.

Wow you are like 2 degrees from John Stamos!
He'll always be "Blackie" to me.