Monday, January 7, 2008

So Long Self-Control

After a long jog, push ups, and lunges, I drank a protein shake (pear slice, half a banana, ice, peach juice, and a scoop of protein powder). I was still hungry so I had eggs whites with ham and cheese. I wasn't hungry, but noticed the tin of Pirouline cookies that I recently purchased for my...ahem...daughter. I ate six of them. I am no longer hungry. Big surprise. They are extraordinary.


Amanda said...

What do you need to have self-control about? You are a rail! Eat on, my friend.

Mel said...

That sounds a lot like my diet! Only I'm not so svelte as you!

Sarah Markley said...

If it was me (which it usually is), my mother would say, Good for you. So, good for you!