Saving Worms

I am in the business of saving earthworms. It is not a serious business that was handed down from my great grandfather but more of an adopted business. I don't get paid, but I enjoy doing it.

Whenever I see an earthworm writhing on the warm cement, unable to escape to the nearby grass or dirt area I stop, pick it up, and throw it in the grass. I feel sorry them. I realize that they are stupid, but I assume the death of drying up on a cement sidewalk in the mid-day sun has to be excruciating. They have family.

After the rains, there were three earthworms under my porch mat. I joyfully tossed them in the grass. I know that they were grateful. I could tell by the look on their faces. Actually, I can't tell if it is their face or butt.

So, I'm a little on the odd side of life with my saving worms, however, I don't freak out if I accidentally step on one either. My life saving motive is not so strong that I have a bumper sticker on my car stating, "Save the earthworm" That would be weird.


Hippo Brigade said…
Ha! Saving worms, that's the best thing I've heard all day. I too feel sadness in my heart when I see a dried up carcass of a worm on the cement, I don't know if it would compel me to pick up an alive worm and chuck it into the bushes, but I might seriously consider it.
Amy said…
I recommend you run to your local library and check out Diary of a Worm, then read it to your children. It's cute as all get-out, and you'll develop even more affection for the little varmits.
This was a tough read sister...bugs, worms, snakes, ALL GROSS! Sorry, ALL girl here...snails even gross me out when you see that trail of yuck, no desire to pick up anything gross! You are a good mom to those little boys..they must love to dig in the dirt with you!
Kiana 4ever said…
I thought I was weird for saving worms, I'm glad to know that others have compassion for our fellow earth inhabitants large or small, all lives matter even the ones without a voice!😊