Run Down

I love to run, however I do not like to run downhill. I know that running uphill is great for my legs, heart, and over all well being, but running downhill has consequences. When I move to the down hill side of my jog, my entire body rattles, as if I am wearing metal wheeled roller skates on an old asphalt road filled with gaps and pebbles.

If I could find a way to run uphill without coming back down, that would be ideal, impossible, but ideal. For now I'll stick to my flat surfaces, where unfortunately muscle memory kicks in resulting in not much development, but my body doesn't jar and shake.

Sometimes I prefer the easy route. I have have plenty of hills in my daily life, where coming back down doesn't hurt.


Sarah Markley said…
Perfect metaphor - the old skates. I love it. I, however, like an easy downhill, nothing steep, but just gentle. That always feels good after huffing and puffing up a hill! I feel like because I HAVE to run hills at my house, I've begun to have a muscle memory for the hills. But my treat is when I can run on a flat surface.