Round and Round

I never thought that I would be able to decipher the meaning of your kid going in the first, second, or third round. You see, the little league has finished their draft, and the eleven year olds are placed on teams. The hum of who is going where has ended, and I have completed discussions with my husband pertaining to what team our son will end up on based on his try out, and who gets what pick in which round of the draft. I am now an expert.

Talk about any draft for any team, and I can now tell you if they are a good player or great player based on when they are chosen during a draft. The best players go first, in the first round, and the teams with the worst records get the best players. I don't assume that you are totally enthralled with this information so I will move onward.

With three boys in tow we figure to be on the little league field for the next six years, give or take a year, bringing the grand total to fourteen years of little league. They should have a walker with my husband's name engraved on the back by then.

Baseball season is approaching quickly. My daughter will work the snack bar while the boys play, minus the youngest. He still has to wait one more year. I will be wearing shirts from two teams: Go Angels, and this year, go Red Socks...oooh, that is going to be hard to say. I'm extremely partial to our Angels.


Sarah Markley said…
Sounds like a fun, but all-consuming, family season! Have a good time!
"They should have a walker with my husband's name engraved on the back by then." NOW that is a funny line! HEE HEE!
We did many years of the Little League thing...I will pray for you!
So funny how blogs bring people together, talking to a friend of yours and mine in common at work in the parking lot today, she mentioned that she reads mine through yours...TOO FUNNY!