Rain Woman

When I set out on my run at 9:00 this morning, threatening rain clouds hovered near my house, but I took my chances anyway. The ground was drying up from the early morning storm and I was prepared with gloves and a baseball hat.

At mile two I was still dry. By mile three the rain was coming down in large, sporadic drops, the type which leave dark circles on the sidewalk but are spread apart far enough to dodge while I am jogging. Call me agile. Okay, maybe it just feels like I am dodging them. Don't call me agile, you'd be lying.

When the rain started coming down at a more rapid rate, I wasn't bothered. It's just water. One man, walking his dog, seemed concerned with my rainy run and commented, "You're getting caught in it!" to which I retorted, "It's only water, right?" He gave me that "humph, she's right" look.

Adults seem afraid to get wet. I am typically one of those adults. Give me an unexpected rain storm after I have coiffed my hair perfectly and have my mascara applied just right and I will get upset, even if I have an umbrella handy. I never have an umbrella handy.

Children love to get wet. My son asked if he could put on his bathing suit and go out in the rain. I told him "no." The little kids are riding their bikes in the rain. I am indoors, with the heater on, and a cup of fresh brewed coffee sitting close by.

Even though I don't mind running in the rain, I prefer to stay dry, and warm, unless I'm in Hawaii. The rain is beautiful and warm in Hawaii. Life in general is warm and beautiful in Hawaii.


Sarah Markley said…
I love Hawaii. Let's just leave it at that.
Amy said…
Come join us up here in the Pacific Northwest. You'll get very used to getting wet, and no one carries an umbrella.