Multi-Use Pajamas

I worked out today in my pajamas - old baby blue, maternity stretchy pants, with holes, and a long sleeved t-shirt that I purchased at Old Navy for three dollars. I was too cold to put on anything else, so I grabbed my running shoes and hopped on to my stationary bicycle.

It was a little embarrassing when I decided to pick up my kindergartner in the same outfit so I flung my daughters scarf around my neck in hopes of making the outfit appear deliberate. Conveniently the multi-colored scarf was sitting on the passenger seat in my car and conveniently I just had to drive through the pick up line instead of exiting my car, dressed for bed.

I tried to coerce my four year old to join me in wearing pajamas in the car, but he would not. Perhaps if I was delivering PajamaGrams I would have a legitimate excuse for my bedroom attire.

I am still wearing my pajamas. I'm still cold.

Comments see something wrong with this day..WHY???? Hey, we all NEED one of these once and a while!