After indulging in a so-so dinner from Outback Steakhouse I decided to walk over to CVS Pharmacy with the kids while my husband paid the tab. They were tired and antsy, so, being the fun mom that I am on occasion said, "Let's go get candy!" I was hoping to purchase a super-size drumstick ice cream cone from the self-serve freezer for myself but they did not have one. I was bummed out. Candy can never replace ice cream, even in a pinch.

I had all four of them up at the counter trying to purchase Valentine cards and candy. They had a hard time deciding, so I waited. My husband took everyone out to the car while I finished paying, and the cashier man asked, "Are they all yours?" With a stitch of pride I announced, "Yep!" He watched as they exited and then commented. "You must have the patience of a saint." Oh, did he have it all wrong. "No, actually, I have very little patience. Ask anyone who knows me."

His observation and comments which followed caused me to actually feel a little more patient than I am able to give myself credit. "I have worked all night. I don't have any kids, in fact, I don't have a wife. I see you just waiting while they decide on candy and you are so calm. I would be going crazy waiting for them to decide then change their mind and decide all over again." "Oh" I say, "That doesn't really bother me." He shook his head and I sauntered out the door.

Although I'm not getting the "Patient Mother of the Year" award, I guess that I am patient in some areas of my life, not many, but some.


Then you sugared them up...how did the patience go after that? Just curious because I seem to fall into that more often than I want to admit! See I have a PASSION, DEEP LOVE, and CONSTANT need for Swedish Fish. How can I buy myself Swedish Fish when they are begging for sweets no matter what the hour...then I kick myself when it's bedtime and I can't get anyone settled? STILL WORTH THE SWEDISH FISH!