Managing Memories

We have started, okay, my husband has started, and nearly completed, the daunting task of cleaning out the garage. Although our garage is not out of hand, and we can still fit one car inside, along with several ride-on toys, the cupboards and storage areas needed organizing. Isn't New Year's Day the perfect time to organize?

Not only was this winter-clean-a-thon a small trip down memory lane, it caused me to seriously evaluate what is worth keeping. Do I honestly need the t-shirt from my senior year of high school with every one's name silk screened across the back side? No. What am I going to do with 5 baby blankets and personlized burp cloths? Really?

I tried on my cheerleader skirt from college. It did not fit. My husband was optimistic, but I had an inch or two remaining between button and button hole.

I came across a fantastic, with a capital "F," photo of my girlfriend and I interlocked at the waist with none other than John Stamos, circa 1981. We were leaning against his limo in our cheer outfits, thrilled out of our living minds. We had just finished a fundraiser game of donkey basketball where we actually rode donkeys in the gym and played against celebrities, a crazy game of basketball. This was popular in the 80's. Yes, really. I am dying to send him an email and ask if he would be willing to autograph the photo-for kicks. The trouble is, I don't have his email address. Silly me.

We had an entire box of video tapes of who knows what. I presume they were recordings of television shows and football games from years past, however, I was not about to pop them into the VCR and watch every one in order to discern whether or not they needed to be saved or smashed. We saved the wedding video. That one was marked.

My obsolete box of teaching materials from the past 15 years was tossed. Back in the day we had to create everything on our own as teachers. All of my tests and worksheets were hand written - so 90's.

I tossed the 80's clothes. I have been saving them for my kids when they have 80's day at school, but decided they can always visit the thrift store. I am still hanging on to the bread machine. I don't know why. Gratefully I am donating our very last car seat. The smallest in the family are in booster seats...yea!

2008 will bring more "stuff" I am sure, but at least we now have the space.


We did the same thing yesterday, we have only lived in this house a year and a half! I threw away TONS when we moved from the last house of 8 years +, so WHERE did this "STUFF" come from? It grows when I am NOT looking I promise! I tell my kids what isn't put away when Christmas break is over will go into the "big green trash bag" you would think they would put is ALL away...NO SUCH LUCK! So it goes to the garage...where eventually it finds it's way to the "big green trash bag!" At least I can also say...NO MORE BABY STUFF EITHER!
Sarah Markley said…
OH...the John Stamos reference is priceless. And the greatest thing is: you look FABULOUS in that picture. I love it. Totally framable. =)

who knows, maybe he's reading your blog!
Randy Harris said…
love it. one question. WHAT was John Stamos famous for in 1981?
Anonymous said…
Hi, Linda. My name is Marc Alexander. I work with John Stamos. Turns out his mom read your blog and forwarded it to John and he would be happy to sign that photograph for you. Email me and we'll arrange it for you.

p.s. to randy - 1981 was the year John began on GENERAL HOSPITAL.
Anonymous said…
WOW! That is sooooo cool that John would sign it! I've loved him since the days of GH and now even more on ER....see if Greg will allow that signed photo to be placed over the bed!
Kelly Belsito said…
Linda: After I saw you at tryouts today, I rushed home and found the picture of me with John Stamos. I rushed to the living room to show Meghan and she started laughing hysterically. I'm not sure if it is my hair, or my glasses, or if it is because there is so much less of me in that picture than there is now. But it is funny to me that Meghan laughed so much at the picture of me trying to be cool.