Lucky Me

My California, multi-subject, teaching credential expired last January. Eleven months after the date that I was supposed to renew, I remembered, that I forgot, to renew.

Under the current circumstances, this is not good. Since I oversee six student teachers from Concordia and Vanguard University, it is imperative that I keep my credential current. Professors from the university depend on me to be up-to-date with my professional documents. That is not too much to ask.

In a panic, I sought guidance from our local school district personnel. They advised me to email the state department, who is responsible for issuing renewals. I took their advise and sent off an email stating my grave situation and impatiently waited for "the powers that be" to reply with a solution. I was ready to not only send my required payment with accrued penalty, but made offers to hand wash the cars of the decision makers, and bake a batch of cookies if need be. I make terrific chocolate chip cookies.

I received a reply. My credential expires in 2012. I already renewed it in 2006. I am so efficient, very forgetful, but very efficient.


I love it...I got a call from my daughter's gymnastics teacher telling me I had overpaid for the last 2 months! She asked me if I was planning on paying every week or every month like we are supposed to! I have been writing a check every week or so forgetting that I had already paid! OLD AGE!