Hot Cheese

Our family recently visited an eating establishment called Fuddruckers. I had the distinct pleasure of ordering a plain hamburger. I was then able to "dress" my hamburger with whatever my heart delighted, from a terrific section of the restaurant called the "Toppings Bar."

The first item offered at the toppings bar came in a metal box with a convenient pump attached to the top, and a caution sign which read, "HOT!" With a few pumps I was able to fill three portion cups with hot, gooey, cheddar cheese. Yum. If I wanted to, I could have filled seventeen portion cups and dipped in every food item ordered, in addition to my hamburger and steak fries. On a dare, I would have poured the cheese directly into mouth. I'm not sure if that would be socially acceptable, but when a dare is involved social manners fall by the wayside. The toppings bar lent itself to many other delicacies, but I was obviously overwhelmed with glee by my cheesy experience, and pickles and lettuce are now very boring.

Since I see no hope of ever getting the red Vespa that I have asked for on every gift giving occasion, I am choosing to add the hot cheese machine to my list. I can only imagine the possibilities.


shhh...don't tell anyone but there are "people" strong arming for one of these machines in the new Student Zone at church!!! Bet you can guess which pastors want those installed???? Let's just say...we are pricing them as we speak!!
Sarah Markley said…
I haven't been to fudrukkers since I was in high school or something. It IS good! Must say, I haven't tried the hot cheese! =)