Car Wash

My car needed a wash. I thought it would be fun to take the little ones to get the car washed after lunch. I drove to my first choice of car wash establishments and the crowded appearance caused me to pull my car into the driveway and drive right back out the exit. I figured that the wait would be too long with little ones. I figured that I would be out at least ten bucks spending money on candy and junk from the attached store while enduring the long wait.

The second car wash that we drove to was not nearly as crowded as the first, and I was able to pull right up to the hanging vacuum hoses. I was immediately approached by the man holding the tickets. "Just a wash" I stated as he drew up the ticket. When the ticket was handed to me I dropped my jaw looking at the price-fourteen dollars! "Never mind" I said to the man handing the ticket back to him, and off I went to my third car wash in ten minutes.

I contemplated washing the car myself, having the little ones help me, and quickly turned into the right lane to try my third and final choice in car wash stations dismissing the do-it-myself idea.

With number three the price was right, $7.50. There was no mini-mart where needless amounts of money would be thrown into a pit of soda, candy, and chips, and, my car was second in line to be washed. The cashier told me that my car would be finished in 25 minutes so I went ahead and had my car washed.

FIFTY minutes later my car was finished. It sparkled like no other 11 year old car, but fifty minutes? Wow. I entertained the boys by finding pine cones that they could smash with rocks. No, I'm not for hire.