Brownie a la Mode

I am smitten by sweets, sweets mixed with ice cream in particular. When I ordered the brownie a la mode I pictured a heaping mound of ice cream atop a dense, chocolaty, brownie topped with whipped cream. What I got was a child's size scoop of ice cream with a poor excuse for a helping of whipped cream. At least the brownie was substancial.

After I had adjusted to the fact that I would probably need two desserts in order to satisfy my desires, my daughter sauntered over and looked down at my plate. "Can I have some of your ice cream?" This request came after she had already eaten a hamburger, french fries, her brothers french fries, some of his chicken, and practically drowned in a large Coke. "Sure" I replied bitterly. What choice did I have? Was I supposed to tell her "No, it's my dessert and I'm not sharing!"

She proceeded to pick up the plate, take it over to her section of the table, eat all of the ice cream and whipped cream off the top of the brownie and then bring back the plate to me with just a brownie and left over juice from the ice cream. The audacity! Frustrated, I went to the cashier and ordered another scoop of ice cream plus an extra scoop just in case other people became suddenly starving for some ice cream.

My daughter requested more, believe it or not, and my six year old wanted a share of the loot. I had a smidgen, which turned out to be enough, but I'm still trying to get over the narcissism which reigns in our home. It may take a while.


erin k. said…
I think that sharing my dessert may be one of the hardest parts of being a parent. Cleaning up after the stomach flu is the only thing that comes to mind as being worse.

You are a good mom.
Amy said…
I've been known to hide my M&M's so no one else gets them, then eating them in secret!
Amanda said…
I refuse on any count to share my ice cream. The thought of sharing dairy products gives me the heebiejeebies! (Sends chills down my spine thinking of it, uuggh). So get yourself a phobia, and you don't have to share.