Banishing Books...Some Books

I have a section of my cupboard that holds books. These books have already been read, and now just sit. I have trouble throwing books away, but I have no trouble giving books away.

I know that there are certain books that I keep for reference, "What to Expect the Toddler Years" and of course Bible commentaries etc. and there are other books that I read, or my husband reads once, and then the book sits on a shelf never to be read again. Why is it then, that we keep these books that we will never open again?

Some folks build additions to their homes in order to create a library to house all the books they have accumulated. Noble indeed. I however, think that books should be shared and distributed to others, so as not to clutter the mere smatterings of space I still have open.

Garages are a great place for books. But what then? If books are sitting in cupboards, or in boxes in the garage, or on shelves in a room, what good are they if they are not being read?

Children's books are in a category by themselves since they do get read over and over again to the point where they are embedded into my memory. I donate the ones that are too babyish and the tattered and torn books get recycled. On occasion I deem some children's books horrible written and sneak them into the donation pile after nightfall, when no one is looking. I don't like to edit books while I am reading them out loud. I'm crazy.

Tomorrow is the day I go through the book cupboard. I need more space. I always need more space.