Announcement Tea

I was delighted to attend a debutante announcement tea for my girlfriends daughter. After appeasing our appetites with finger sandwiches and petite pastries, we drank coffee and enjoyed some "girls only " conversation. The men were not invited, and, were thrilled to be staying home to enjoy the football games on television.

The announcement followed lunch, and each girl and their mom had to stand on a stage in front all the attendees. The announcer plowed through a litany of accomplishments each girl had achieved while the proud mom stood by as a support.

We giggled as the embarrassed teens listened to words deliberately chosen to describe them. Many are involved in sports and volunteer for several organizations. All of them are off to college in the fall and are looking forward to their summer plans of, "spending time in Fiji with family" or "hunting white-tail deer." Seriously.

I created my own "announcement" as I sat listening to the great achievements of the girls:

Linda is an avid jogger since she needs a mental release each day. She is rarely patient and always in prayer. She drives many miles each day, yet rarely leaves her city. Her couches are thrashed, and her carpet is stained, but her children are always clean. She excels in Spray and Wash application, dressing small children, and locating misplaced items. Her specialty is brownies from a box with frosting from a jar. Her hope is to go on a date with her husband in the very near future. Her summer plans included purchasing her first new bathing suit in four years.