Monday, April 30, 2007

The End!

Four days of celebration and I am finished. My son's birthday started on Friday night with a family dinner. Saturday was the actual birthday yet his baseball game interfered with being able to have a party so cupcakes were baked. Next was Sunday with a fifteen kid celebration, and today, at school, a crown and strawberry shortcake were on the schedule. Finally, at 12:00 noon today, we have found the end. If you are mathematically challenged like I am, I can tell you that is way too many hours to be celebrating a six year old birthday.

Tucked away in closets are non-returnable toys, gift bags with cards, and left over goodies from unclaimed party bags. Three stale hot dogs, still in their respective buns, sit on the refrigerator shelf, and juice bags crowd the meat drawer. For dinner tomorrow we will be having Uncrustables and Cheetoes...oh yum.

My thought: Each year should represent the number of hours you celebrate your birthday. If you are turning eleven, you may only celebrate for eleven hours. If you are turning fifty, fifty hours, or two days and two hours. To me, that is very reasonable. Oh, if you are a mother of preschoolers, the hours automatically double! No one could argue with that.