Vacation, All I Ever Needed

My daughter has spent her summer, weeks away, at Hume Lake Christian Camp, Ohio, Colorado, and acting lessons. Spectacular! She will have plenty to write about during the first week of school.

My oldest son has spent his summer, weeks away, at Cooperstown, NY, Ohio, football camp, and friends' houses. Fantastic! He will have plenty of "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" ideas.

The little kids has enjoyed trips to the water park, beach, Ohio, friends' houses, pool, Legoland, movies, and dinners in fun restaurants. Wonderful! They will be able to draw pictures of places they visited this summer, without a thought.

My husband has spent time away this summer in Cooperstown, NY, Ohio, Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR, and has the joy and freedom of going to work, alone each day, to a place he really likes. Superb!

I have been to Ohio, the beach, pool, Legoland, movies, and dinner in fun restaurants, with four children, and at times 5 or 6 children. I need a vacation...from summer, from children.

I'd love to go somewhere sunny, but not too hot. I'd like to be alone with my husband. I'd like to sit and read magazines until I am sick of reading magazines. I'd like to lounge in a beach chair in the sun without being bothered by anyone except the hotel gal who insists on spritzing my face with chilled water. The only thing I need, right now, is a VACATION, either that, or school to start. Let the countdown begin. Fourteen more days.

I'm sure that my starting school wish will come true more quickly than my vacation wish. At this point, I'll take either one. I'm desperate.