Take Me Away

I came across some cities of interest that, because of their name, I will never visit:
~Big Ugly, West Virginia
~Hell for Certain, Kentucky
~Satan's Kingdom, Vermont
~Smelley, Alabama
~Nothing, Arizona

In contrast, here a few cities that I would love to saunter around and check our for myself:
~Desire, Pennsylvania
~Peace, Alabama
~Little Heaven, Delaware
~Money, Mississippi
~Romance, Arkansas
And, any city followed by a comma and the word Hawaii.

Here are some real time foods you will never find me munching on unless I am on a desolate island with nothing else to eat:
~squid jerky
~lamb's tongue salad
~beef cheek ravioli
~grasshopper tacos
~salt-and-pepper frogs

And, in contrast I will consume any of the following and any time at any location:
~Triple Chocolate Mousse Torte
~White Chocolate Berry Coupe
~fresh, hot, chips and salsa
~Fried chicken
~Del Taco's bean and cheese burritos

What is your favorite vacation destination and food of choice? Please tell!