Not Quite a Boycott

According to the definition of boycott is: to combine in abstaining from, or preventing dealings with, as a means of intimidation or coercion: to boycott a store.

Okay, so I am not performing a boycott. I am not interested in intimidating anyone, but I don't know what you call it when you refuse to shop at a store because their product is over priced to the point of head spinning.

Last night our family took my oldest son and three of his friends to dinner and ice cream. We were celebrating an over due birthday. He had the flu on the actual day. We enjoyed a great dinner at Koki which is a Japanese, teppan bar, restaurant.

Afterward we went to an outdoor mall to browse and enjoy dessert. My son decided that he wanted Cold Stone for dessert. Oh my. The smallest, least expensive, ice cream scoop was $3.89! My poor husband did not realize the expense until the bill was totaled $30.00 later. This fed only 7 children. Don't think for a moment that ginormous scoops of ice cream hovered over large bowls for that price. The scoops were very normal and perhaps below normal size, and, no one had anything fancy added to their delicacies.

Our youngest child, who is four, had gummy bears added to his watermelon gelato. Since he did not finish his dessert, I was reluctantly left having to eat the remains. I hate waste. The gummy bears froze and tasted disgusting. They were disgusting because I for one do not love gummy bears and two, would MUCH rather have chocolate bits of something in my ice cream, and three, think that fruit flavored ice cream fits into the fruit and vegetable section of the food pyramid and not in the dessert section.

My oldest, a girl, found something "hard" in her vanilla cup and proceeded to cough incessantly assuring me that the hard piece of something was stuck in her throat. The drama was dripping more than the ice cream. As much as she wanted to toss the left over ice cream, which was hardly eaten, I gave her a nasty look and said, "You are eating the rest of the ice cream. It was just a piece of cone."

Most of the children finished what they had ordered, but we could have bought five, half gallons of ice cream for the same price and fed all the children at the mall.

I believe that if an establishment is going to charge you $3.89 for a mere scoop of ice cream, it better come with a free puppy. But, that is just my opinion.


Mel said…
Hey! You've got a new look here!

What you ought to do is sign up the kids for free birthday ice cream at Cold Stone. That's what we do. You can also sign up for free gourmet birthday burgers at Red Robin, which is great when you have teenage twins!
charmed said…
I just discovered Cold Stone myself. I only go if I have one child with me, and then it's still right at 10 bucks! But... the ice cream is oh so worth it when you get the right flavor.