New Car?

I need a new car. I drive an 11 year old GMC Suburban. In its hay day it was cool. It has custom wheels, leather seats, power windows, a CD player, and a built in television. Yes, you read that correctly, television, with an attached VCR.

My car has 155,000 miles registered on the odometer and is completely paid for in full. My car is slowly but surly falling apart in its old age. When it reaches 40 MPH the car rattles and gyrates because the radial tires are having issues. My children consistently tell me that a window is open or a door is ajar because of the whistling sound echoing through the cab. Many knobs are missing and there are carpet stains which each tell a different story.

Although my children are allowed to eat, sleep, drink, spill, splash, and drag sandy feet, in and around my car without a notice, I keep my old car fairly clean. My mechanic tells me, "This is a good truck," but with all of the fix it money that has been poured into it we could have built a second story on to our house.

I need a new car, but I do not want a new car. A new car involves massive monthly car payments, restrictions of every caliber in regards to food and drink, weekly visits to the car wash, massive monthly car payments, diligent inspections upon each child's exit from the seat, massive monthly car payments, body checking when parked closely to other cars, precisely choosing of the perfectly acceptable parking spot to avoid door dings, massive monthly car payments, and massive yearly car registration payments. For those reasons, I am sticking with my 1996, GMC Suburban.

As for the 40 MPH rattle, it feels like an amusement park ride and the children smile and giggle when it really gets going strong. The whistling sound is comforting, and the VCR works perfectly with all of our Veggie Tales videos. The best part of keeping my old car is the fact that I am far, far away from any and all massive monthly car payments. I just hope my old car has at least, eight more lives, or I may have to return to teaching full-time to afford the massive monthly car payments a new car would bring. If that is the case, instead of working, I think we will just resort to walking everywhere. Everyone could use the exercise. Who needs a car?


Anonymous said…
I had a '95 Suburban when my four children were younger. To this day, I still state that was my favorite vehicle.