Major Meyhem

Serenity is overrated. I have to convince myself of that or I may end up institutionalized.

My quiet, complaisant, sit-in-front-of-the-television-for-hours, girl was away for a few days so life was unbalanced with myself, my husband, and three boys. I was the only girl for nine days. The house was messier than normal, it had a strange stench, and the toilet seat was lifted and shut as much as the refrigerator door. At least the toilet seat was put back down, right?

Many times throughout the day and in the car, the boys would all talk at the same time. Actually, one was talking, one laughing, and one was making any noise he could with his mouth. That is what boys do. The couch was suddenly a motorcycle ramp, as they imitated the "big trick" motorcyclists from the X-Games with imaginary motorcycles and their agile bodies, and each of them dirtied two outfits a day - including my husband.

At one point during the intense chaos I stopped everyone and said, "Settle down!" Confession time: I probably yelled it. My husband looked at me with a furrowed brow and replied, "You want peace and quiet, and it just isn't going to happen." Wow, words of wisdom, really. Did I actually think that with a house full of boys, I would have peace?

My girl has returned and brought back some much needed balance, but, she has already cried five times, fought with me about her hair style, complained about having to go to acting lessons (and she LOVES acting...drama...arn't they the same thing?) and requested a shopping trip. It has only been 24 hours.

As the VERY cliche saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for." No kidding.

I'm the one that needs to go away for nine days. I would love my husband to come along with me, and I am requesting that no children be in attendance.


Gina Conroy said…
Welcome to the blogging world! I have 3 boys and a girl, except my girl is the youngest and can hold her own with her older brothers!

And I've yelled "QUIET!" more times than I care to admit. ;)