Five Days

Please don't be jealous. I know that you may be tempted to, but I can help you resist the pull.

My daughter is hosting a High School Musical 2 premiere party and has invited fifteen girls. These girls will eat pizza, drink soda, and make goo-goo eyes at all the male characters in this Disney original movie. I have enlisted my mother, and her living room since it can house more bodies than my living room. She graciously accepted. I love her...a lot!

So far, only two girls have responded, "yes" but we have yet to hear from ten. Although this is not my first idea of fun, things could be worse. I could be hosting a party for ten, six year old or worse, ten, four year olds. For now I will count my blessings.

While my husband stays home with the three boys, eating fast food, getting sugar highs from soda and candy, and letting loud noises erupt from their bodies, I will be singing show tunes, eating pizza, braiding hair, and putting on make-up. I should have more fun than my husband, right?

Perhaps if I say, "I will have fun" twenty times, over and over again, while staring in the mirror it will come true--perhaps. Wish me luck.


Amy said…
Hey, can we come?! Sounds like fun!
Just Me said…
Saw your comment on another post,and hopped on over! I think the party sounds AWESOME! And way to go, for being willing to host it. This is the type of thing that memories are made of!
....oh...and for the record...on your other post- fake racks are a constant source of iritation to me also! Good grief just is not normal to place bags of 'gel' in your body to what? Have the rest of your body, sag, droop and wrinkle..BUT have perky breasts of a 16 year old!! Can anyone else say -THAT looks wierd!!
Kris said…
My 5 year old son wants to watch it tonight. He is so excited to see it.
Gina Conroy said…
Hope you had fun! We had fun at our HSM2 party, but I had my own friends to hang with as well as a house full of kids!