Eating Crow

The High School Musical 2 party came off without a hitch. I actually had fun. In addition to the Skittles, pizza, cheese puffs, popcorn, and ice cream, I had to dish myself up a large bowl of crow.

At 5:30 I decided to record High School Musical 2 to watch another day. I am dead set on learning at least one of the dance routines for the neighborhood talent show...not! Even though I knew it was going to be on twenty six more times this week, I knew that everyone would want to watch it over the weekend. As I pulled up the T.V. guide on the television screen, I immediately noticed that the movie started at 8:00. From what I had remembered, the party my daughter was hosting started 6:30. I remember her telling me that the movie started at 7:00 hence the 6:30 start time. I panicked!

My panic turned to anger as I relentlessly asked my daughter why she started the party so early and what were we going to do with ten teenagers for an hour and a half. She assured me that she would create ways to entertain the invitees and that I was not to worry. I continued to fume all the way to my mother's house, where the party was being held.

In addition to my frustration with the early start of the party, my daughter remembered, once we arrived to set up the party, that she forgot the door prizes. I did not have enough time to return to our house and be back to my mother's house where the party was being held. I knew that I needed to greet parents, and stewed in my frustration with the mistakes transpiring before my eyes. My mother was leaving for dinner, but offered to run to my house to pick up the forgotten items. She is wonderful!

The first girls arrived at 6:45 and sat, as my lovely daughter tried to engage in conversation. I once again repeated my frustration with the early start time, but indicated, at 7:00, that the rest of the girls were very late...thankfully. The one member of the party chimed in and noted, "The invitation said that the party started at 7:30." What??? My first thought was, "Ooohhh I owe my daughter a HUGE apology." My second thought was, "Why are these girls so early?" I took a deep breath, apologized for my angry outburst, and my gracious daughter accepted. I'll never know why she didn't tell me that she thought that she put 7:30 on the invitation. Evidently, I had her convinced that she had made a mistake. My very bad!

Today I am taking my daughter shopping. I believe that a good shopping trip will make up for a my stupid mistakes. Lunch will consist of anything she wants to eat as I grovel and enjoy my last serving of crow.