Dinner Is On You

My oldest son loves to cook. For his eleventh birthday he received a trip to Dream Dinners with his Nana to make three meals for our family. Yesterday was the day for his big meal preparation. He had the menu items chosen, his hair was neatly combed, and he was dressed to cook.

When he left the house at 9:20 I expected that he would not return until noon. When he arrived home at 10:30, I was quite surprised. To which magical place did he go, where you can prepare three, oven ready meals, in just one short hour? I could prepare three meals in one hour, but I would have to drive to three different restaurants to pick up the meals before hand. Simple.

After some questions, and comments on the quickness of his outing it all came together. The meals that he had prepared we not actually "oven ready." He arrived home with three plastic, zip-lock bags. In each of the bags was a main dish, ready to be prepared at another time, with his mother's help, and some instruction, and some more help with side dishes, and then some more help with cooking the meals, and once again, more help with putting together a dinner.

Although I was too tired to help, and bitter that he spilled on my just cleaned stove, I bit my lip, smiled and helped him through all the preparation needed to cook his very first dinner for our family. His Parmesan Chicken with Dijon Sauce turned out great. We had peaches and rice as side dishes, and everyone ooohed and ahhhed over the delicacies. My daughter opted out of the dinner after her first taste, what a shock, and settled for left over macaroni and cheese.

We sat down as a family for dinner. I had to do a lot of guidence, but someone else actually cooked dinner. We had great dinner conversation. I had two Drumstick ice creams for dessert.(They were the reduced fat variety) And, for all of those things, I am greatful. Very greatful.