Did Someone Say It's Summer?

I don't know what has gotten into me. After only nine weeks, I am finally in the groove of summer. Just as the proverbial curtain of summer is closing, we are visiting the beach, Slip and Sliding to our hearts content, pitching tents, and running through the sprinklers. Once again, I am sad to report, that it has taken me nine weeks to fully accept the fact that me children are here, all day, every day, for the entire summer. I am slow that way.

The Slip and Slide has never seen more sun then it has the last two weeks. In between fighting over who is first, second, etc. Straightening our the plastic runway every other minute, and tossing juice bags to the seventy-five children that have accumulated in my front yard, I can read a section of a magazine, and enjoy my lunch in peace...relatively speaking.

Yesterday we went to the beach. I invited three neighborhood children to join our adventure, yet only one accepted...perfect! I asked the good Lord for a front row parking spot and He graciously delivered. Our usual hang out was available, our lunches were packed, and everyone kept busy. The surprising downfall was my six year old relentlessly complaining about the itchy sand, and insisting that I use the baby powder to remove it every moment that it touched his skin. That was extremely annoying. Since he fell asleep, I was able to lounge without many interruptions...relatively speaking. What a great day.

Since I only have four weeks left I suppose I better get my butt in gear with more summer activities. We are going to the zoo, swimming, taking a trip to Disneyland, completing our summer reading list, driving across country, and vacationing in Hawaii - next week. I set my aspirations high.