Who Are You?

You can tell a lot about a person if you sit at their computer, click on the google history and see what comes up on the screen. Here is a snapshot of me through the eyes of my Google history:

  • Pick Up Stix: Okay, so I love their House Chicken with Vegetables and I also wanted to know if they took American Express. Yes, they do.

  • Fire fighter costume:My four year old thinks that he need another costume for his collection of dress up clothes so we looked at some pictures. He has been screaming for me to order one ever since. At times he is not very nice.

  • thesaurus.com: I am a writer, who needs word variety.

  • yahoo maps: I like to know where I am going and how long it will take for me to get there.

  • Fighter pilot costume: We saw one of these in a fancy schmancy boutique down near the beach and they were charging $70.00...yikes. Online it is $59.99, still no real bargain. My six year old will have to wait until Christmas.

  • Saddleback Hospital: My friend just had a baby! She adopted embryos and had them implanted in her uterus. Now she has a new baby from random parents. They are not entirely random. The family hand selected she and her husband to adopt the embryos just like a live adoption.

  • Houston's Restaurant: I had a date night with the hubby. I had fillet mignon...yum!

  • rimadyl for dogs: My 15 year old dog has stiff joints. Do you blame him?

  • linking verbs list: I was editing a book for someone. Did you know that you never end a sentence with a verb or linking verb. ("Where have you been?" should be "Where were you?") BORING I'm sure.

  • cap guns: my boys want these but I cannot seem to locate them in the town where I live. I may have to drive to Arkansas. If I ordered them online I would pay for for the shipping then the actual gun.

  • Lowes.com: We need ceiling fans.
  • Teacher from the Black Lagoon book: My little kids adore these books. My husband and I were curious about the author.
  • Hairless dog: This is actually a dog which was named the ugliest, but it may as well be hairless too.

Who are you according to your Google history?