Things I'll Never Undertand

1. How people can wait in line for ten hours to buy a Harry Potter book

2. The energy of toddlers and the fact that they run EVERYWHERE

3. Algebra

4. The infinite uses of a computer

5. God's amazing power in creation

6. Hormones

7. Why Parmesan cheese smells so bad, and tastes so good

8. Child abuse...those folks will rot in hell

9. People who own seventeen cats.

10. Clothes that fit when you purchased them and two weeks later feel tight

11. Flowers that stink

12. gravity

13. What happens to all of the garbage

14. Microscopic bugs that live amongst us

15. How an enormous jet can fly through the air

16. Weird dreams in the middle of the night.


Leigh Sarti said…
things i'll never understand:
someone posting a blog at 5:30am!