Happy Fourth!

What a great time of the year! We have made our second trip to the booth to purchase fireworks. My boys have suddenly all become pyromaniacs and cannot get enough. They have deemed this holiday better than Halloween, for now. Smoke Balls and Snakes by day and fountain and Sparklers by night. When I ran out of matches two nights ago you would have thought I told them that their dog had died.

Speaking of the dog, I threw up a little when I vacuumed the house and witnessed the amount of dog hair in the catch all, see through, tube attached to the vacuum cleaner. After mopping the floor, and finishing the vacuuming, I brushed the dog to get rid of the residual hair. It looked like we just had a down fall of snow. Gobs of dog hair littered the back yard. He is getting crew cut very soon.

We live in a fantastic country! Happy 4th of July! Make sure that you have plenty of matches!