How Do You Hobo?

Every kid in America knows what a hobo is. Why? My little ones have pretended to be a hobo even though, for the record, we live near no known hobos. Also, for the record, our home is not decorated with velvet canvased framed pictures, with neon colors, of a sad clown dressed as a hobo. My husband is afraid of clowns and probably hobos, but I can't be certain.

I don't know why my little ones are familiar with hobos. Hobos are train jumpers who make a living eating off the land, and possibly other people's trash. They wear denim painter's overalls and carry their clothes wrapped in a bandanna, tied to a stick. I am a wealth of information and I am sure that you are terribly interested.

I have decided that modern day hobos would have a difficult time fitting their lap tops inside their bandannas, assuming they have lap tops.

I haven't seen any hobos lately, but next time my little ones decide to play dress up, I'll make sure that I have at least two sticks, and two red bandannas.


AnnieBlogs said…
Hobos DO exist. You'll see when I marry one.