Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm working on not complaining about current situations.

I complain that it is hot in the summer and cool in the winter. On the off days of the season, I complain that the summer is too cool and that the winter is too warm.

I complain that the kids are bored and need to go back to school, then I complain that the kids are back to school and making lunches and overseeing homework completion is stressful.

I sleep in and complain that I wasted the day. I arise early and complain that I am too tired to complete normal tasks.

I complain that cooking dinner timely and we never have the correct ingredients. When I have a menu completed and the ingredients stocked, I complain that cooking dinner takes energy that I don't have.

I complain that there is nothing on television worth watching and then I complain that I stayed up too late watching a meaningful television show.

I complain that the kids don't do enough and that I do all the picking up and cleaning up. I then complain that the toys aren't properly stored or the sports equipment isn't organized correctly.

I complain that my car is old and uncomfortable, and sucks the gas, but refuse a new car payment.

I have resolved to enjoy today just as it is. Whether it is cold or warm, whether the house is messy or clean, whether I cook dinner or grab fast food, whether homework is beckoning or the appointments need to be made, I will "Rejoice in the Lord always" and count the blessing of another 24 hours of life, breath, and great health.

Will you do the same?