Saturday, January 31, 2009

What Gives?

I received a disturbing email yesterday. It should not have been disturbing because it was such a load of nonsense, but still, it made me think. I'm actually mad at myself for giving the email any of my time, or thoughts.

The email was obviously sent to a lot of people and it was warning us all about a sign that this person had received from God. I know, I know, I should have deleted the email at the exact moment the guy said that the following information was from God.

He went on to say that a gigantic tsunami and earthquake were going to hit the west coast and destroy the entire area from San Diego to British Columbia. As I write this it becomes even more apparent how outlandish this is and utterly impossible. Even more impossible is the fact that this dude said that God spoke to him and told him that this was going to happen. He has also heard from other people who have had the same "vision."

E-gads. Are you kidding me?

This is all supposed to happen, according to God, in September of 2010. It looks like I have time to plan. I'll need to tell my family and our friends that we are moving to the east coast to avoid being swallowed up by the very ground on which we stand. Everyone should understand. I'll just tell them that some random guy emailed me and told me that it was truth. That will go over really well.

I am seriously embarrassed to admit that this even got into my head, even for a second. This is truly ridiculous.

If I am going to believe the earthquake/tsunami email, I should probably also believe all of the emails I get from people informing me that they have millions of dollars that they need to get rid of and I need to respond immediately if I want any of the money. We all know those are real too, right?

I need to focus on God and His words, and not utter nonsense. Utter nonsense is such a waste of my brain cells.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I got my eyebrows waxed. Twelve dollars well spent.

I may talk about my brows too much. Please forgive me for not being more witty and creative, for my mind has dulled, but will return to normalacy soon.

The brows-out-of-control factor was teetering on embarrassing. Unfortunately for me, when I never got my eyebrows waxed, I never noticed if they were unruly or ruley, and now, the slightest smidgen of unruly looks grossly ungroomed. Not good.

I wish that I could personally groom the brow area like a seasoned esthetician, however, I cannot. I try and try again, to no avail. My problem may lie in the fact that my tweezers were purchased at the pharmacy and were sitting next to a package of nail clippers. Possibly not the best tweezers in the bunch, but the $1.89 price tag fit my wallet perfectly. I got what I paid for.

I admire those with beautiful brows which were coiffed and shaped by their own hands. I admire that talent, the talent I do not posses.

The esthetician, upon completing my eyebrow wax asked if I would like her to wax my lip, to which I replied, I declined.

When my friends and family members start calling me Miss Fu Manchu, I promise to consider the lip wax service, but for now, I can handle a stray black hair or two with my $1.89 tweezers.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I know no things Wii. I don't plan on getting to know any things Wii related. I tried RockBand and failed. I've tried bowling and my 5 year old beats my gutter balls in one fail swoop of the shiny white remote.

I'm hanging up my Wii remote. It doesn't like me and frankly, I don't like it - the Wii.

I love however, the ability it has to entertain my family, as I watch from a safe distance. They scream, jump, flop the remote up and down, or swing it around in circles. They seem busy - a good busy. They are actively engaged. That's all good.

Me and Mr. Wii have our differences.

I cannot add another thing to my list of to-do's, and even if I had a free space on the list, mastering the Wii wouldn't rank very high.

Please don't ask about the DS, X-Box, or Play Station either. I can't even tolerate Sudoku, crossword puzzles, or tic-tac-toe, however, I could possible kick butt on a word search although I haven't picked up a good word search in ages.

I'll leave all the electronic gaming devises to the men in the family. Men love all things electronic, composed of buttons that need pushing, and flashy lights with varied sounds.

I like quiet, and word searches are quiet.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Social Network Roots

I'm throwing in the towel.

I'm waving a white flag.

I can't do it any longer.

There isn't enough time in one day.

Since I began working full-time in August of 2008 I have found it extremely difficult to keep up on the social network side of life. I am absolutely overwhelmed with Facebook and Twitter at the moment. I love the meeting up with old friends, chatting with people from high school, and laughing at different status reports, I just don't have the time.

When I was just a blogger, social networking was a breeze. I'd write a blog, read blogs, comment on blogs, search other blogs on sites where I was a frequent visitor, and engage in the world of blogging with every ounce of web social energy I possessed.

I now fall short.

I can't keep up. The night hours aren't long enough and I work during the day. I miss just hanging out in the blog world, knowing what was going on with my bloggy friends.

I've decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of social networking and return to my roots - blogging.

I already feel better.

Monday, January 26, 2009


My 15 year old daughter couldn't find her way out of her room, even if she had a map. It is quite sad really. She freely admits her lack of knowing her way around and often jokes that she would need a GPS if she ever had to walk to school.

I am opposite my daughter. If I have been somewhere one time, I can usually find it a second time. I have a great sense of direction, however, there are plenty of other areas I come up short.

My youngest who is only 5 has a great sense of direction as does my husband. However, I worry about my daughter.

She has no problem reminding us that she will be able to get her driver's permit in June. At that point she will be 15 1/2 which is the age when teenagers can begin learning to drive in CA. I wish the age limit were 18 1/2.

If ever I complain that I have to drive here or there, and back again, my daughter will often say, "I bet you can't wait until I can drive mom" when the truth is, I can wait. This is not something to which I am looking forward, not only because driving is so scary these days, but because her sense of direction mechanism is severely impaired.

When she ends up 60 miles away after attempting to pick up our boys from the ball field located 2 miles from our home, I will be the one on the other end of the phone giving her directions back home.

We will often ask her if she knows her address, and she rolls her eyes. When we ask her what are the major cross streets, she hasn't a clue. If I ask her which street is directly behind our house, her answer is incorrect.

I'm scared.

Come June, I will need all of your phone numbers. That way when my daughter ends up in your city or state, I can give you a call for help. In addition, I promise to give all of you fair warning when the keys to our car are duplicated and handed to my daughter, however, in order to drive my 12 year old, 4-wheel drive Suburban, she will also need a boating license. That can be arranged.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

God Thoughts

"The thrust we put in God honors Him much and draws down great graces."

"Our only business is to love and delight ourselves in God."

Brother Lawrence-The Practice of the Presence of God

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't Forget

"Do you have your lunch?"

"Don't forget your P.E. uniform."

"Your notebook is on the counter."

"I put the permission slip in your binder."

"Remember, you have hot lunch today."

Constantly, between the hours of 7:20 and 7:55 in the morning, during the week, I am locked in reminder mode. If I don't remind my children of the things they need to take to school or be put inside their backpacks, it quite possibly gets left.

There is nothing worse than rushing to make three lunches, grab drinks and line up the lunch boxes on the counter only to have one of the three left on the counter. A left lunch is an extra trip to school, convincing the office to send a note to a classroom and crossing my fingers all day hoping that said lunch eventually gets to correct child before sixth period.

Forgotten homework gets a lower grade, and P.E. uniforms that never make it to school, results in an "F" for the day in P.E. Who gets an "F" in P.E.?

I can't help but wonder how often God reminds us about things that we often ignore. How often does He speak words into our mind only to have us ignore Him?

"Linda, talk to me please."

"Don't forget about me."

"Remember what my Son did for you?"

"You left your Bible on the counter."

I want to remember the first time. I don't want God to have to remind me. He has bigger things to do.

I'm glad that He still loves me even though I need constant reminders to tell Him the same.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not Easily Broken

I had the privilege of attending a Girls Night Out and seeing a very well written move called Not Easily Broken.

I just so happens that our family has been friends with the writer of this movie, Brian Bird, and his family for a number of years.

I sat next to Patty, his wife, during the movie which was fun. I got to ask her questions throughout the film about the actors, story scenarios, and dialog.

There are many parts of the movie where I laughed hard and other times when I was grieved with the demise of the marriage being portrayed.

Since the movie was about a couple experiencing the problems that marriages face, it caused me to take a serious look at my husband, and our marriage, and feel blessed by the fact that our marriage has by God's grace, survived some serious speed bumps, but that I am more in love with my husband today, than the day we met.

It is evident throughout the movie, and through my experiences, that in order for my marriage to survive, God must be part of the three stand cord that bind us together.

Every married couple should see Not Easily Broken.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I don't mind doing tasks. I love lists.

The problem comes when there are tasks on my list that make me freeze. The tasks that I don't enjoy, have difficulty understanding how to execute, and the tasks that require more than a few hours, stop me in my task-completing tracks - I freeze.

Once my questions are answered, I begin steps toward starting the task, or submit to the time issue, I always feel better. Isn't that the truth for most things we do in life?

I work for the king of relationships. Truly. He is all about building and developing relationships. I love people and finding out more about them since I am so curious. However, building new relationships, that may require something other than what is comfortable for me, can hinder my relationship building, unfortunately.

I am often too concerned with the "Can I keep the conversation going for an entire lunch hour?" or "Why would they want to hang out with me?" questions, that I have a tendency to avoid the situation.

I need to make a change. I need to start and finish tasks no matter how difficult or confusing them seem.

In addition:

I will ask the lonely women who lost her husband a few years ago on a lunch outing.

I will make a better effort to begin new relationships with my co-workers.

I will.

Jesus was all about relationships. I have a lot to learn from the master. He's is the best teacher ever!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fetching Old Friendship

We spent every waking moment together, Andrea and I. High school was tolerable due in part to the fact that Andrea and I made the best of it and laughed our way through the day. We had no qualms about embarrassing ourselves in hopes of making each other or others laugh.

I haven't talked to or seen Andrea in 15 years. We lost contact. It's amazing to think that someone who was such an integral part of my life can just disappear into the wind like dandelion dust.

Last night, Andrea and I spoke on the phone for over an hour. We found each other on Facebook. I giggled when I searched her name and up popped her face. She happened to be online at the same time that I was, and we instant messaged for a few minutes before exchanging phone numbers and making a date to talk, for real.

After an hour of reminiscing, my cheeks ached from laughing. We missed the friendship that once was, and promised to keep in touch.

Relationships are good. Reconnecting is healthy. Making time for other people in a hurried week is important. Stopping to make a connection comforts the soul.

I had other plans for the one hour that I was on the phone with Andrea. I was supposed to peruse a new Bible study book and create a blog post for our regional website. Instead I called Andrea. And I'm glad that I did.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Paul Blart-Mall Cop

Ever since "King of Queens" aired on television, Kevin James has been one of my favorite comedians. He doesn't have to cuss or put down Christians, or spread his political view all over the place, he is just funny. I like that.

His physical comedy gets me every time. He is huge, and doesn't care how he looks.

Last night we took the family to see Paul Blart Mall Cop. Yes, the popcorn was spectacular. We have been anticipating this movie since the trailers arrived on television.

We laughed out loud. Maddy possibly laughed the hardest. She is such an easy audience. Carson said that he had a headache, and climbed into my husband's lap and lost his FOX racing hat, but good times were had.

On the way home from the movie, we kept repeating funny lines from the movie. I liked Paul Blart. I think Kevin James is hysterical. Laughing out loud is the best and he always makes me laugh out loud.

What or who makes you laugh out loud?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's Get Together

"Christians need relationships to grow spiritually. We develop in the context of relationships."
~Rick Warren

"And let us consider how we may spur one another toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another - and all the more as you see the Day approaching."

Hebrews 10:24-25

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold Cereal

Who doesn't like a bowl of cold cereal?

My middle mister is currently addicted to Life cereal. I bought a huge box of the stuff from Smart and Final and it is already gone.

My daughter prefers Coco Puffs so she can drink the left over chocolate infused milk. She eats cereal for an after school snack. At least the milk portion is healthy.

My youngest is partial to Rice Krispies with lots of sugar added. When I am not paying attention, he pours in enough sugar so that a mini mountain of granules is left in the bottom of the bowl at cereals end.

My oldest boy rarely partakes in cereal but will indulge in Coco Krispies every now and again if we happen to have a box in the cupboard.

My husband delights in a bowl of cereal every night before bed. He love Raisin Bran mixed with Special K covered with 2% milk.

My favorite is a combination of Oatmeal Squares and Lucky Charms. I have been a Lucky Charms fan since childhood.

We currently have six boxes of cereal in the pantry. Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, and Frosted Flakes are always a staple too, in addition to the favorites.

I confess that I am one of those moms - the one who feeds her children sugar cereal and not organic, bran laden, puffy oat balls.

That's just me.

What kind of cereal do you enjoy?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


My oldest boy is bitter.

He sat doing homework with his younger brother and was in awe at the simplicity of first grade homework. My oldest is in the sixth grade.

"That's your homework?" He questioned looking at the snowman creation and a math page on shapes. "I wish that I had that homework."

I tried to explain to my biggest boy that he did have that same homework when he was in the first grade. Of course life, and homework were simpler. Now he has to worry about integers, vocabulary, and memorizing Bible scriptures three verses in length.

However, with all of the simplicity of first grade homework, my little mister struggles. Homework takes tons of energy and prodding. He complains that it is boring, hard, and no fun. His spelling words are too long and his scripture verse has hard words.

Oh the woe of being in the first grade. Oh the woe of being in the sixth grade. They all want to return to preschool, where puzzles, and sorting rainbow colored teddy bears happened at the start of the day, followed by a story and cream cheese coated crackers with a cup of milk.

They all wish life was all about coloring in the letter "J" and putting an "X" over the jug, jet, and jellybeans, but at the same time they all want to grow up, have phones, and get a drivers license.

Such discontent.

Aren't we all, at times, discontent.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hot Lunch

My younger kids attend a school where there is no formal cafeteria. Hot lunch is available, but in southern CA, the kids typically sit outside. If it is rainy or too windy, they eat inside the classroom and then go to the gym for recess.

Hot lunch was always done in a small kitchen and the menu was formed by women who were paid part-time and could create recipes that were quick, easy, and could feed the masses. Life was good.

At some point the health department decided that they could no longer cook food from the small kitchen to feed those desiring a hot meal and so the school had to resort to purchasing food from existing restaurants, Del Taco tacos, Wendy's chicken nuggets, etc. and call it a hot lunch experience. This worked well for the parents and students.

This year, all things hot lunch took a sharp turn. The school decided, for convenience sake, to hire a company which created the meals and then delivered them to the school based on the number of children ordering for that day. Great idea? Sure. The portions are good, but unfortunately the selections leave little to be desired for my children.

When my middle son decided that he wanted to try the corn dog, I went online to glance over the menu. The corn dog that he wanted to order was evidently made from vegetables and not dipped into a vat of hot grease. He prefers the hot grease type.

In addition, he had the choice of brown rice crispy treat and grilled cheese puffs. What are those?

Needless to say, my kids only order two meals a month and they are always the same things which are tried and true, chicken teriyaki bowl, and pasta with butter and cheese. We keep it simple.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When Bad Things Happen to Good Dogs

When I was in high school we had a Golden Retriever named "Bear." Coincidental that is the nickname we have given our 5 year old who coincidental loves chewing on things. You'll understand soon.

One day when the dog refused to eat, and sat lethargically on the front porch, we were concerned. The previous weekend my brother and I had spent the afternoon tossing super bounce balls to Bear while he jumped into the air to retrieve them. When Bear couldn't find the ball within the puffs of green grass, we would pluck another from our pockets and begin the toss and retrieve routine again.

Since Bear's energy and zest for retrieval has diminished, we took him to the veterinarian. After an x-ray of his stomach the reason for his loss of appetite was due to the fact that resting inside the confines of his goopy stomach lining were three super bounce balls and a stone. Nice. Yes we fed him prior to the ball incident.

The only course of action was to have the balls and stone removed surgically. My mom agreed to the $400.00 bill and after a few hours, Bear was back to normal.

Several days later, when any and all super bounce balls were located and removed, Bear stopped eating again. We were hopeful that he didn't find another ball to digest, but when he was ushered him to the vet, she found another ball.

My mother sat my brother and I down to deliver the bad news. Since she could not afford another surgery, the dog would have to be put to sleep.

After tons of tears, we understood and told the vet of our quandary.

Two days passed, and surprisingly the vet called our home. She informed us that her heart wouldn't allow her to put Bear to sleep and decided to do the surgery for free. Elated, we picked our dog up and profusely thanked the vet.

Bear never swallowed another ball and lived 12 great years.

That is the outcome when good things happen to good dogs.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wallet Worry

My wallet was M.I.A. Something is way wrong if my wallet is not sitting inside my purse. If my wallet is not nestled inside the confines of my bag, it is either in my car, or was stolen.

The other day I was entering the gym where my son was playing in a basketball tournament. When I reached inside my purse to attain my wallet and pay the astronomical $6.00 entrance fee, my brow broke into a slight sweat. No wallet.

Quickly my brain rummaged through the places where my wallet could be. Did it fall from my purse when I left my car? Is it sitting next to the computer at home where I placed it after ordering hot lunch online for the boys? Is it sitting in my husbands car since I drove it to church and purchased fast food for the kids on the way home? Yikes!

I immediately ruled out a pick pocket incident. I knew it was somewhere.

I had to borrow money from a friend to get insdie the gym and then called home to investigate the whereabouts of said wallet. It was not in my husbands car. I doubted his search skills though since he is a man, and lacks a mother's expert search mechanisms.

The wallet was not next to the computer, but was not giving up hope. I hadn't reached the point of imagining myself standing in line at the DMV fro six days to receive a new license or cancelling my ATM card. The wallet had to be somewhere.

After my son's game my phone rang. It was my youngest son. "I found your wallet mom." I was both thrilled and curious.

"Where was it?"

"It was in my treasure chest"

"What? Why was it in your treasure chest?"

"We were playing pirates and Ty said that I needed real money to purchase the treasure so I got your wallet and gave him the money."

"Of course you did."

I'm so glad that my wallet was available to carry out an imaginary scene between two pirates - thrilled actually.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Success vs. Fruitfulness

"We are called to be fruitful - not successful, not productive, not accomplished. Success comes from the strength, stress, and human effort. Fruitfulness comes from vulnerability and the admission of our own weakness."

-Henri Nouwen

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weather: To Woe or Not to Woe

I cannot imagine the capacity God has to handle all of the requests that are made from his children. How He discerns what is the right decision when the prayers are made from opposite directions.

We, here in Southern California, are experiencing Santa Ana winds this week. Gusts of warm winds usher in temperatures in the high seventies and low eighties. In my opinion this is ideal with a huge capital "I".

On the other hand, my husband, and other So. Cal folk out there, are sad. The theory is, since it is January, we should have January-ish weather. This includes jackets, socks, and the heater for the house in the "on" position.

So how does God deal with me, for instance, praising and thanking Him for this glorious weather He has brought to Orange County, and other people, bitter, and complaining for the winds and warmth, praying for clouds and rain? What about the soup sellers wanting bitter cold, and in contrast, the ice cream sellers who desire the warm?

Being a people pleaser, I would go crazy. I am SO grateful that God is God and knows all things that are perfect.

I will just have to ask the conflicting prayer question when I reach Heaven. And, when I do reach His glory, I hope that it is in the the high 70's to low 80's, even in January.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What Amazes Me?

1. How people can wait in line over night to see a new motion picture

2. The energy of boys and why they chew stuff.

3. Algebra or anything math related passed sixth grade level

4. The infinite uses of a rubber band and why I didn't invent it

5. God's amazing random miracles

6. Why my daughter cries for no apparent reason

7. Why blue cheese tastes good

8. Dog who are pushed around in strollers

9. People who own seventeen reptiles.

10. Clothes that fit when you purchased them and two weeks later feel tight

11. Flowers that stink

12. The excitement of leaping from a moving plane with just a parachute

13. Large tattoos on women's legs

14. spider webs

15. feet and all of their functions. God is amazing

16. Child-like faith

What amazes you?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What the Calendar?

How many calendars does one person need?

I need several.

I have a large, white board calendar in my kitchen which gets erased and changed every month. It is scrawled with the family events for the month. These included everything from date nights for my husband, to the days which the boys have decided that they would like to purchase hot lunch from school. Hot lunch is another blog post in and of itself. You may shutter when you read that one so consider yourself warned.

I also have a spiral bound, small, desk calendar near our house phone. This keeps an account of hair appointments, doctor and dentist appointments, birthdays, and the ever-so-important hair coloring appointments for me.

I have kept all of these spiral appointment books for the past 10 years. They serve as a fun account of our kids’ weight and height, along with funny things they have said over the years.

I have a calendar on my phone which I rarely use, and the calendar on my computer is only used for work related items and never for personal use. I don’t like to combine the two. I confuse easily.

The desk calendar I have which sits, interestingly enough, at my desk, is marked with just a few personal items, and someone just asked if I would like to have a calendar to hang on my wall at home. I opted out of that generous offering. People may start talking about me and all of my calendars if I add yet another to my collection.

I love calendars. I love lists. That’s me. But I do have limits. 5 calendars is the perfect amount, no more, no less.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hot Dogs and a Yo-Yo

I never assumed that finding a yo-yo in Orange County would be such an arduous task.

My biggest boy decided that he would like to purchase a yo-yo with some of the money that he received for Christmas. I can appreciate a yo-yo purchase. Yo-yos are a fun toy and worth the $3-5 dollar investment.

I searched all of the normal stores. Target had none. Toy's R Us had nothing. I even looked in the toy section of the grocery store. "Where can I find a yo-yo?" my son questioned. "Why don't you try Big-5?" my mother replied.

I don't know if you have a Big 5 where you live, but Big 5 is a sporting goods store which sells rifles, football socks, running shoes, and everything in between.

I laughed at my mother's suggestion, and the absurdity of her store choice for a yo-yo purchase. In fact, we made fun of her suggestion for a good 10 minutes while she shook her head and questioned our lack of respect.

I had to know what my mother was thinking. "Why do you think that Big 5 would sell a yo-yo mom? Yo-yo's are not a sport that you try out for in high school. 'Yea, I made varsity yo-yo, how about you?'"

We burst out laughing once again, and she grinned, realizing our teasing was actually funny.

"Well" she began. "I know that they have yo-yo competitions so I figured..." and I interrupted. "Yes, they also have hot dog eating competitions and they don't sell hot dogs at Big 5." This time she agreed with us and we continued our yo-yo search.

I finally did find a yo-yo for $2.00 at Rite Aid, in the toy section. It lights up when it spins. My son is thrilled and plays with his new found friend often.

Although I never attempted to search for a yo-yo at Big 5 I will ask them if they carry yo-yos the next time I need anything related to sporting activities. If they happen to have one, I will also ask if they sell any crow. I will be eating an entire plate full.

Monday, January 5, 2009


My husband and I have an affinity to coffee. 17 years ago we bonded over black coffee and a rich, creamy dessert.

Our children are fully aware of our love for the fresh brewed goodness and after trying their taste buds at a cup of joe, and physically gagging at the flavor, they question the love affair that brings us joy each morning and often times in the late afternoon.

Although our children cannot appreciate the same excitement that we feel each morning as the glass carafe pops and gurgles as it brews fresh java, they can appreciate the fact that every great cup o' joe needs a great mug.

Mug purchases make for the perfect, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and birthday gift - simple and necessary, for a parent who loves coffee.

One of my favorite mugs is small, and holds no more than 6 ounces. I prefer large mugs that hold close to a half gallon.

The mug is decorated with a baseball, baseball diamond, and the handle is shaped into a bat. I can barely shove my finger between the bat and mug to lift the hot contents to my lips, but the mug was purchased in love and one very handsome seven year old bought it for me.

Another mug, from my daughter is embellished with "I [heart] Jim." Since my husband's name is Greg, why do I have a mug with incorrect information? My husband and I love watching The Office together, and my daughter thought the mug would be a perfect gift. She was right. Jim is fun, and the mug purchase was thoughtful, although I probably don't love Jim, but please don't tell her I said that.

For the next gift giving holiday, I will possibly receive another mug from one of our children. The mug will probably be little and cute, with painted flowers, or the face of a puppy. Although it probably won't hold enough coffee for my liking, it will be purchased in love, which is always perfect.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Something worth thinking about:

"Whenever God's will is in complete control , He removes all pressure. And when we deliberately choose to obey Him, He will reach to the remotest star and to the ends of the earth to assist us with all of His almighty power."

Oswald Chambers

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am near sighted.

I became near sighed after spending too much time hanging over art projects at close range. I wanted a close look at details, and my eyesight suffered in the meantime.

I have been wearing contact lenses for the past 20 years. I never have any problems with my contacts until late at night, when it feels like I have a dried corn flakes slapped onto my eyeballs. It is then, and only then, that I remove my contact lenses, and put on my glasses.

I don't prefer my glasses. They are only a last resort for dry, irritated, eyeballs.

My daughter thinks that glasses are cool. Each time we visit a retail clothing store, she meanders over to the sunglasses, finds a pair with clear glass instead of the tinted variety and puts them on her face.

She then hollers for me, and wants my approval while she considers a purchase. When I tell her, "no" she reluctantly returns the glasses to the rack and walks away with drooping shoulders.

I can't help but wonder why she would want to wear glasses when many people wish that they didn't have to wear them.

Evidently the old adage continues to apply. You always want what you can't have - even bad eyesight.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Opposite Day

Pool and sunshine one day...

Snow and sunshine the next...
Good times!

Thursday, January 1, 2009